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True Rational Thought Concludes That Man Is Responsible For Imperfection And Not God

It is often heard from people calling themselves Rationalists, that they cannot believe in God because if God was so perfect then He would not have created an imperfect universe where there is suffering and pain. The apparent rational conclusion is that an almighty Being who is perfect cannot create imperfection and therefore there is no such thing as a perfect God.

Superficially, this conclusion may seem rational but it is exceptionally naive. If the one who claims to think rationally follows the thought through with the willingness to learn, then he or she would see that all around is that created by mankind.

Before three dimensional time existed, long before the material universe came into being, man, as spirit, was created out of God who is Spirit - made of the same qualities as the Supreme Being but in miniature. Life itself was bestowed with individuality. What would life be without individuality? It would not be life at all.

With individuality came unique desires and the freedom to choose, and God does not interfere with freewill nor does He take back what He has given. Desiring uniquely and choosing uniquely: nobody can accomplish those things for another. Those qualities belong to the precious gift of individuality, something to be cherished and nurtured.

Long ago, the spirits created out of the Great Spirit began their own individual journeys for gaining precious experience - as experience must be gained by an individual, it is not something which can be gifted. In doing so, the freedom to choose was used and abused. Freewill was meant to be used to choose aright and help others but it was also put to use in another way by the individual, and that way abused freewill. And so came imperfection.

Yet had man kept to the Divine path from the very beginning, things would have been very different; there was no need for man to create imperfection. But man wanted the power which one day would be his by birthright, except man did not want to wait until he was ready for such power - man grabbed, and in so doing he himself upset the natural order of things.

Thus came about the different strata of lessening Divine Light, until there were manifold 'levels' of existence; each level of lessening perfection was a direct consequence of man's abuse of freewill. Each decreasing stage, each involving environment, was created out of that which man was pouring into the conditions through his own selfishness as he violated the perfect spiritual laws which would eventually bring him to a state of ultimate Divine happiness and fulfilment. Man was and is responsible for anything which is not perfect. Man was and is responsible for the maimed, for viscious animals, for disease, for calamity, for the insane, for all imperfection.

It is all common sense when considered rationally. The one who calls himself or herself a Rationalist but who has not grasped the clear-cut rationality of this reasoning may say: "Well, God started it all in the first place!" However, what exactly does the one who calls himself or herself a Rationalist want? Does he or she want to be an automaton without freewill, without experience, without insight, without innovation, without vision, and indeed without love? Or does he or she want the wondrous gift of ecstatic Llife lived in perfect harmony with power and true Divine love, which God's perfect Plan of redemption will ultimately bring to each and every one who has been created out of Himself but who has wandered away from the original and intended path? There can only be one rational answer.

Tony Bisson
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