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Audio File Of A Spirit-Address Given Through Deep-Trance-Medium Mr Roy Perkins

Download Audio Mp3 - 20 MB here

(Download of an audio file of the original magnetic tape recording of Roy's Spirit guide
speaking through Roy during a deep trance address in our Church).

The above downloadable trance address was given at the Greater World Christian Spritualist Church, Jersey, Channel Islands, UK, through our ex-president, the late Mr Roy Perkins, during a Sunday Divine Service in the 1980's.

Mrs Olga Perkins, the dear 82-year-old president of our church in Jersey (2005), has kindly lent me a cassette tape of a service recorded a couple of decades ago. On this tape is a deep trance address given through her husband, Mr Roy Perkins by a guide in tune with the Greater World philosophy.

Please remember, the cassette tape is an old magnetic type of tape and is probably 25-30 years old, and the inexpensive cassette recorder used was only of a poor quality, so please do not expect the highest audio quality. If you have special audio equipment you may get better results than me.

According to Mrs Olga Perkins, the Spirit-guide had been born in India when alive in an earth-body.

Please note regarding the above recording: The Spirit-guide who spoke through Mr Roy Perkins is not the Spirit-guide "Zodiac" who spoke through Miss Winfred Moyes from whence the foundations of the Greater World League came. However, the fluency, spiritual content and continuity of the address given here by the Spirit-guide who spoke through Mr Roy Perkins (there were many such addresses) is a wonderful indication and demonstration of the quality of addresses given by the Spirit-guide "Zodiac" given through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winfred Moyes. It is important to realise that very few deep trance addresses are of similar spiritual content.

To perhaps set the scene for those who have never seen a fluent deep trance address, I will give a brief description of how each address given by this guide through Mr Perkins always began. When Mr Perkins went into trance his eyes closed and his hands came together, palms against each other, and the guide vocally and physically welcomed everybody in the church by quickly turning to each one, Mr Perkins eyes still being closed.

I heard this guide speak quite a number of times although this recording was taken before I joined the Church, and unfortunately there are no words to describe the overwhelming feeling of love (that the guide refers to in this address) that occurs during the delivery of the spiritual address.

It may be interesting to note that fluency of delivery, coupled with the spiritual content (which should always be in the interests of soul-development) can be an excellent indicator as to the spiritual development of the spirit which delivers the address.

To help, here is the start of the address as I hear it but I don't have the time to transcribe any more at the moment. Perhaps someone might like to try and transcribe some more?

Tony Bisson

Roy's Guide Begins Speaking...

"Good Evening and as we come amongst you, may the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ rest upon each one of you.

"As I have so often said to you we come amongst you with great joy and love, and I want to repeat that if we come amongst you with a little excitement - you know where there is happiness there is excitement. You have noticed this no doubt in your physical way of life.

"And so it is for us, that to come and commune with you, it is this wonderful feeling of love which gives this inward sense of excitement, as you call it; it is purely a word which you will fully understand when you come to Spirit.

"As you know we have great difficulty explaining many things to you because of your physical language, and we will endeavour to impress upon your minds that those very emotions that you feel spiritually within your physical body, these are true feelings of your inner self which we link up with by the Grace of God.

"It is a wonderful thought that we can come together, and as you know, many of your loved ones, they are with you in your walk of life - daily they are with you in your conditions, ever endeavouring to draw your attention that there is something a little better, and they want to guide you into those conditions where you may find the soul's satisfaction - the evolvement between the Spiritual and the Physical, and not allow the Physical to overtake the Spiritual which so happens with men upon the earth plane as you know, if you look in your four corners of your earth plane today, you will see many areas where men's minds are taken over completely and the spirit is entombed, and comes a time when - I say to you - that you must find the key and unlock it.

"Yes my friends, deep within inside each one is that Spark of Divinity, and it is necessary to find that key. And if you stop and think of your sacred records you have read so often: 'Knock and the door shall be opened, seek and ye shall find' - this is the key.

"Those simple words left by the Master, so that each one could understand that it was simplicity to contact - because within is the [???] which is the electricity - what shall I call it in the physical language? - it is that Spark which is all powerful, which is all Love, because it is a part of God.

"And because each one of us has this part of God within, you can understand perhaps why we always draw your attention to joining us in Spirit at the foot of the Cross. Let us go in that peaceful frame of mind and taking the troubles of heart and mind to God and placing them in His hands, that your spirit may become free of them - this is what we wish for you - but it is entirely in your hands, you have to make the effort, we can only go part of the way with you. Once you have made the effort then God's love pours down upon you to see that you continue to make that unfoldment of the Spark within, with those wonderful thoughts in mind my friends, let us go and give thanks to God in that silence and that peace...

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