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The Only Real Peace, Hope And Joy,
Is To Know That God's Plan Includes
Peace, Hope And Joy For Everyone Else Too

There are those who consider salvation to be theirs alone and the largest part of humanity do not receive it. That is their idea of happiness, peace and joy. One wonders how they can be happy with that conclusion; it must be a strange kind of happiness indeed. In Reality, God is much greater than that though; He has planned real happiness.

There is no end as there was no beginning to the Love of God and its varied manifestations in countless forms, all expressing miracles of infinite Love and Grace.

There are dark spheres made ugly by the folly and selfishness of man, and there are Bright Spheres made beautiful by sacrifice and enhanced by the melody culled out of the hearts and minds of those seeking to do the mundane task, and those which are dark have the potential to draw a little nearer to that which is lighter still. All these shall be brought together as one in God's Plan through spiritual evolution, and will transcend the beauty which we cannot even conceive of now.

Hence, even the bright spheres are themselves only relatively age-long, and they will be further transformed over countless aeons into something greater in God's Mind. Heaven, as we call it, is far beyond anyone to attempt to understand, far beyond the scope of the human mind to grasp even a fraction of the reflection of the degree of light and purity which exists and always has existed in such a state of spiritual perfection.

Into such states of Being, God has ordained that each one shall enter regardless of how many aeons it takes, no matter how far each one wanders - universal salvation has been ordained by God. This is the only real happiness, peace and joy. So, to God we offer our humble obeisances for the all-glorious future He has in store for those who seek to do His Will and keep His Word.

Tony Bisson
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