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The Portals To God's Heart
Only Open For The Humble Of Heart

Only The Humble Heart Can Open The Gates To Truth...

"...Whosoever should not be receiving the kingdom of God as a little child, may under no circumstances be entering into it..." Luke 18:17

"...If you should not be turning and becoming as little children, you may by no means be entering into the kingdom of the heavens..." Matthew 18:3

"...For even the Son of Mankind came, not to be served, but to serve..." Mark 10:45

"...If I should be speaking in the languages of men and of the messengers, yet should have no love, I have become resounding copper or a clanging cymbal..." 1 Corinthians 13:1

"...When arrogance comes, then dishonour shall also come. Yet with the meek is wisdom..." Proverbs 11:2

"...with humility, deeming one another superior to one's self, not each noting that which is his own, but each that of others also. For let this disposition be in you, which is in Christ Jesus also..." Philippians 2

"...He shall cause the humble to tread in right judgment, And He shall teach the humble His way..." Psalms 25:9

"...Lift My yoke upon you and be learning from Me, for meek am I and humble in heart..." Matthew 11:29

The Portals To God's Heart Only Open For The Humble Of Heart

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