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Universal Unifying Spiritual Principles Are Obvious

Science Must Learn That Inspiration Is A Reality From The Spirit; And Doctrine Expounders Must Learn That Common Sense And The Powers Of Reason And Deduction, Are God-Given

The scientific assertions of the evolutionist and the implicit thinking of the pedantic religionist each have a portion of truth regarding the origins of life. However, until non-physical life is seriously considered by the evolutionist and spiritual evolution is seriously considered by religious literalist, the equation will never balance.

Atoms belonging to our material universe exist within etheric waves which vibrate at a certain speed and density (many billions of waves per second, and many thousands of waves per square inch).

However, etheric waves continue to increase in frequency and density beyond the Physical and become unimaginably immeasurable. Any life which exists in these waves is beyond the perception of the human eye which can only see within three dimensional time and space.

There is more life beyond the Physical than in the Physical, the Material being just a small part of a greater existence, indeed, a Greater World. Surely, it is non-physical life which animates physical life for the duration of its relatively short existence.

Regarding the existence of a design to our lot, only the purblind could fail to notice the existence of unifying principles. For instance, the acorn and the egg are similar in structure, and both require warmth and incubation for the life within to break forth. The motion of life from inner to outer is a universal law and is never broken.

There is also the spiral principle: the spiral activity of sub-molecular particles; climbing plants spiral as they reach for the light, those with tendrils supported by a spiral hook; veins of trees tend to incline from the perpendicular as they traverse the trunk's length; seeds float afield or fall to the ground in a similar curve; a course of sufficient extent shows that birds neither swim or fly in a straight line; the snail's shell; the orbits of our solar system's planets, the collection of constellations in our galaxy, and indeed the DNA helix all show this principle at work.

Finally, why should life have started with the formation of physical planets capable of supporting transient physical life? Physical evolution exists to accommodate spiritual evolution which predates the Material.

There is a much grander scheme afoot than we mere humans can truly cognize. There is no sound basis for any one saying there is no God or that there is nothing after death, or that man is as a whiff of smoke or that his environment after death is as drifting shadows.

His environment and his being is more real and permanent in the Next World than this less stable life on Earth. Man is here as the sapling and the stream compared to the full grown oak and the great rushing river full of energy. And that future life is a destination for which this present life is a preparation.

Man should therefore seek knowledge of that future life into which he shall pass with greater zeal than he is presently willing to offer. For that is evolution, and that step is for him to choose when he is ready.

Tony Bisson
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