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Intolerance Among People Of Different Religions, Dogmas And Beliefs Causes Harm To Christ

Sadly, the barriers erected by religion can equal those erected by colour, social standing and environment. Pedantry, Christian or otherwise, is a dangerous weapon. In the measure that two people inflict pain - physical or emotional - on each other out of either prejudice or just lack of thought, so then, in that same measure is the Christ suffering.

The New Testament may be the most spiritually potent book, yet the few recorded words and acts (John 21: 25) of the Saviour (a most precious heritage and excellent compass by which to journey), are not even the source from which the great river of Christendom flows, but ripples upon the wider tide which wends its way to the ocean of abundant life.

Having lived and worked for a part of my life in a large non-Christian meditation centre, and associating with other systems, I have encountered humble and compassionate forgiveness from non-Christians. Others have rights too.

Tony Bisson

"And other sheep I have, who are not of this fold: Them also I must bring"

"And the second is like unto it - Love thy neighbour as thyself"

"In My Father's House there are many Mansions"

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