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The Limitations And Denigration Unwittingly Attributed
To The True God Of Love By The Sincere Dogmatist

It must be said that some dogmatists appear to worship a God "of Scripture" rather than the God Who "is Love". When some are impressed by a measure of the supernormal activities of the Spirit they become overwhelmed, assuming all others ignorant (which is not the Spirit's intention). This creates ungodly bigotry.

Scriptures are for development of spirituality. The sacred record is a collection of mainly authentic events, practical and symbolical teachings, opinions of earnest people whose minds were impinged upon by Spirit, and spiritual messages received by people (and those named the prophets) - by trance, manifestation and visions both within and without; and by Spirit-travel - to be transmitted in earthly tongue to people in the flesh. But where the words do not live up to the highest standard of love, then the mind of man has played the greater part in those words.

The manifestation of the Christ in Jesus of Galilee is the greatest miracle that any world could know. Love Personified, God came to live as the lowest and most miserable of His creations, even dependent upon His mother for the nourishment that should prevent Him from perishing at an early stage. He brought nothing with Him to mitigate the severity of sharing man's experiences - to show that love, hope and faith can be held high above the troubles of life. What the Saviour had was through self-imposed discipline which opened up the channel between Himself and the Godhead He had left.

Christ came to reveal Love Divine, to reassure man that God knew exactly how it felt to suffer, and that through love He suffers with man. That love can arise in heart and mind in times of need, pain and loneliness. Incarnate Divinity - the glorious jewel for humanity's benefit. Some have difficulty understanding that All-power would willingly leave behind His power to demonstrate peace, love and humility.

A being who creates life knowing full well that most of it will be subjected to torture for ever, blasphemes the God who "is Love". Man-made dogmas are secondary to the recognition and true realization of God's unbounded and illimitable love for mankind as demonstrated through His Incarnation. Dogmas can create immature bickering and foolishness, whereas knowing, by degree, the true nature and love of God through His Christ, transcends words.

Tony Bisson
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