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Christian Spiritualism Is Found Everywhere In The Bible

Greater World Christian Spiritualism looks at God, the Bible and Christ in a wholesome and intelligent way, incorporating the experiences of the World of Spirit by people - experiences which have brought to man certain knowledge of spiritual phenomena.

Thus, Christianity is seen 'holistically' - as a whole. The communications of angels and beings found in the Bible - that is all Spiritualistic. The communications of the prophets in the Bible - that is all mediumistic. The manipulation of non-physical and physical matter, that is all Christ/Spirit mind working on the material/ethereal plane, hence miracles.

All of the supernatural occurrences found in the Bible - for instance, where the instructions of the Most high come in the form of perhaps a Voice, or a Presence, or a Light - can be investigated by an in-depth study of Christian Spiritualism. They are not simply explained away as being mysteries, they can be understood to a greater extent. This is not confined to happenings in the Bible, it also applies to the whole of life - Christian Spiritualism can answer the questions which so many claim shall not be answered until they are in 'heaven'. Christian Spiritualism is about 'understanding'.

The Evangelical/Fundamentalist derives his or her belief from reading the Bible and so does the Greater World Christian Spiritualist. They both also have experiences of the Supernatural but they obviously have different perceptions of it.

One limits God's love and the other allows God's love to be what it is, free and unhindered by the limitations imposed by the mind of man with his strange notion of love. The Evangelical thinks that he or she is 'saved' by what he or she believes, whilst all others are not - whereas the Christian Spiritualist thinks that all are saved not by a belief but by purification, sanctification, and soul evolution.

The Evangelical cannot understand this because the Evangelical generally bases his or her salvation upon a choice made between human birth and death (penal substitutional atonement); whereas whilst choice is all-important to the Christian Spiritualist, salvation only comes by following Christ until perfection is attained, and this is a process which continues whilst climbing through the heavenly spheres into ever and ever increasingly purified and rarefied spiritual conditions.

A Christian Spiritualist 'absorbs' the Bible according to inner promptings, moral intuitions and his or her experiences of a spiritual nature. The Evangelical usually cannot understand this and will assume that this is not 'reading' the Bible, adopting a literalist basis for his or her faith. However, the Christian Spiritualist is 'reading' the Bible according to his or her own understanding.

To the Christian Spiritualist, the Bible is The Sacred Record, a Record that has come into being through the spiritual mechanisms that can be explained within the realms of Christian Spiritualism. The interjection into earthly affairs of angelic beings; visions of other beings in or out of trance-like states; travelling in non-human ways to other places and scenes with other non-physical origin; receiving guidance from the Unseen; being aware of both good and deceiving influences in the Unseen - to many who might fall into a category which could be called Christian Spiritualism, such things are normal and are part of life.

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