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Was Jesus God Incarnate Or Just A Great Teacher?
What Difference To Our Understanding Of God Does This Make?

The beauty of God Incarnate is something so simple and yet so powerful; so humble and yet so Divinely mighty. His Incarnation as Love Divine was such a perfect representation of God that it would benefit all, whether He was recognised as God Incarnate, or simply a great teacher or merely a good man, by reason of Him being an Example of Divine Purity in the flesh - an Example which man can choose to base his own life upon to benefit the health of his own soul, to save him from unthinkable consequences when this life is over, and to prepare him to be able to receive some of the joy and spiritual happiness which He desires all to have - our God is indeed All-Wise and is the Master Redeemer.

The original teachings of the Greater World are primarily for the purpose of helping us to understand more about the Love of God. This is something not always given its rightful due and sometimes morality, perhaps, is given a higher place; or in the case of dogmatists, religious belief is considered all-important - and the Love of God is overshadowed.

However, morality and religious belief become naturally ordered when a fuller awareness of the true Love of God (God's personal love for each one individually rather than universally) is cognised, because the only true motivating power of all spiritual Life - Divine Love - manifests morality and spiritual belief.

While many are unconscious Christians as a result of His Incarnation, there is something profound which is missing about our knowledge and understanding of God when His Incarnation is not recognised as such but as something altogether lesser.

The Christ of God - that part of the Godhead which can function in Creation; the Soul of the Spirit - is far greater than any human can fathom, and yet one of the main purposes of His Manifestation as Jesus was to reveal our God to us, to give us a greater understanding of what He is really like and how He feels towards us, and how unfailing is His love for us.

He came to reassure us that He cared in the most loving way possible - by showing that He would abandon all He has to help us, by living as one of us, by feeling as one of us, by being assailed by untold temptation and suffering more than any human would ever have to undergo, and by dying for us. He came to show us in such a humble manner - because of His deep, deep yearning love for each individual - His Love.

He came to show us - by the very fact that He did come - how kind He, our God, is towards His fallen children, how caring He is, how compassionate He is. His love made Him depart from His Godhead and be subject to the same spiritual laws as His little ones, living just as one of His children to show many things to us, to let us know that our God can understand exactly what it is like to be a human and to go through the human experience.

This was the most accessible and approachable way that has ever been or will ever be on the earth plane, to provide an understanding as to how our God feels about us, and what He will do for us because of His love for us. This is how we can know Who our God really is in the greatest measure that is possible while bound by the limitations of a physical body.

This is something of such infinite worth spiritually, and by the mere fact that it is overlooked it cannot be recognised by those who see Jesus as just a great spiritual teacher or simply a good man instead of that which is represented by a Divine Incarnation.

And the perfection of this Incarnation was so powerful that not only did He remind us of Who our God is, but by example He laid the Way for man to follow to be able to regain what had been thrown away through abuse of the freewill over countless ages (long before the earth plane was brought into use for man's redemption).

The Simple Things Of God Are Overlooked

The simple things are the ones which are overlooked because the mind seems to want something complicated - the mind of man thinks God is so complicated and that there are conditions to His Love. Man creates religions that say you must to do this and that for God to love you - but God's Love is unconditional. The simple things are passed over, so to speak.

Because of the display of Power by Christ Jesus, the miracles He performed, and the strength He demonstrated, in the mind can arise the idea that He could deal with the situation better than anyone because He had something they do not, that He was God and therefore did not have the same kind of feelings that we have and He had an advantage over other men. But that is a mistake, a misrepresentation of Jesus the Man. Yes, His followers considered Him far above them as a human, they considered Him unlike any man they had known - and this was true, His Purity was of the Christ of God, untainted.

But Man He was indeed - He was as much a Human as any human, but His Purity is what distinguished Him from others. He came without any of the powers one would have thought were fitting for a King of kings to bring from the Godhead. It was by strain, work, effort, and dedication to the Godhead through prayer, thought, word and deed, which enabled Him to make that connection with the Godhead - Pure Self to Pure Self, and the Power was then unlimited at His disposal. But He did not use it to bring to Himself anything - He used it to work in that part of the Plan which He had ordained in time long past. He could have surrounded Himself with armies and with all the pomp and splendour that the world thinks is so valuable with one thought - but He was not going to pander to the mind of man, He was going to show what was the only thing worth having - the Love of God. Only through His Purity did He connect with the Godhead, only through His suffering from a very early age.

And how He suffered. How He sorrowed for His mother and father as they fell on bad times, the trouble in the little home, He looked out at those around Him and He saw cruelty and deceit, He saw brother whipping brother, He saw women treated like cattle - the ones He had come to save turned their backs on Love and knew nothing of compassion. He looked at those who were meant to bring comfort and understanding to the people and all He saw was hate and greed, jealousy and hypocrisy, and the desire to keep the innocent majority in total fear so that they could extract what little they had for themselves.

All this and more, from a very early age, He, Tenderness Personified, saw, and from that very early age He knew He had to serve God, yes, the Manifestation of God as Man had to serve God. Oh, the humility of His coming! All this suffering, sacrifice and pain, this total dedication from a tender age, opened up the unstoppable channel to the Godhead - He connected as Man to His own Godhead.

But the pain which was the worse of all was the Love which He gave constantly but which was not returned - there is no greater pain for one who loves, there is not a greater pain in Creation - and one who has loved and yet been hated, need only think of the pain when the object of that love has turned round to them and shown hate in their eyes. What of the Saviour of Mankind? What of the Creator of Life? In comparison we know little of pain even though we have thought we could take no more at times. Nothing was going to stop Him coming in the way that He did, He knew He would turn the trend of evil and overcome the world with His Love. His Love will not fail us, it is never taken away - He has demonstrated His Love clearly and we should not let the mind of man take that from us in the form of conditional dogmatic religious teachings - God as Man is the sweetest and greatest gift to man and is the right of all.

And so that great incomprehensible Reality of God becoming a Man like no other, and yet that Man being a Man like other men, who can worship the Supreme Being of all mankind - so that Reality existed when Jesus the Christ of God walked the Earth in the flesh.

Tony Bisson

Also see "An Angel Messenger's Explanation Of God As Christ" for an expanded view on this subject.

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