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The Divinity Of Christ

In order to come to a greater understanding of the question concerning the Divinity of Jesus the Christ, the word 'Purity' needs to be considered and what it represents.

It was as a human being that the Messiah was to appear – Yeshua, Jesus. A human like any other, and in doing so man was to receive, amongst other gifts:

* The perfect example to follow and learn from regarding the perfect spiritual for man.

* The ability to see, through the Light of the world, Christ, the precise reflection of GOD - the exact image of Deity, so that man, in his darkness, should be able to reach out and understand his GOD as never before.

* The only One who could face the hardest temptations of this world and conquer and overcome them.

* The only One who was able to bear the burdens of the whole world upon His shoulders right up to the Cross and gain victory on behalf of all of humanity.

To do this He would have to be Pure – as Pure as GOD is Pure.

To reflect the exact Purity of GOD, so the mind, heart and soul of the man Jesus of Nazareth would also have to be perfect – Jesus would have to be Pure in every way so that His soul would match in every degree the GOD within Him. And at the same time Jesus would also have to be a human like any other human.

So the Holy Spirit started the life into which the Christ of GOD might take on a human form as a man.

There have been holy men and women, but there has only ever been One, and there will only ever be One, who was totally Pure as Jesus was Pure. His life, point by point, from childhood to the end as far as the physical was concerned, was perfect, and it stands out alone compared to any other. The Purity of the human being Jesus was such that it was countless times more Pure than the holiest saint.

As a human He was to know suffering, but suffering in a way no other human was to have to go through. He possessed a sensitiveness so that even as a child He was sensing the pain of those around Him, even the silent tears of His mother which He knew she was trying to hide from Him for His sake as a mother would do.

And through this suffering, so He unfolded the Godhead, uniting His soul with the Godhead to perfection – the only One who could ever do this to the perfect degree, and unlimited power was there for His use.

But as a man He did this, a perfect man with untainted Purity, and yet a man with feelings, emotions, and temptations a hundred fold those of any other man. And it could be said by some that, if GOD were ever to demonstrate that He knew what it was to feel like a man, then it was found in the complete union of Jesus the man with GOD and GOD with the man Jesus.

And as He was the perfect demonstration of a man, so even as a man there was to be a time when, for a brief moment, He was to undergo a complete and total isolation from both man and GOD alike with a force that no other man should ever undergo - and so came the cry of being forsaken by GOD on the Cross, as the connection between Himself and His Godhead was severed.

Now, when all things are added up together by the man who claims that his GOD does not know how he feels, he will have to rethink his claim and face a wider truth.

Conversely, if a man or a woman claims that because Jesus was GOD He had an unfair advantage over him or her, then he or she will have to rethink his claim because as a man Jesus triumphed.

Therefore, if someone wishes to consider that the Son of GOD, Christ (although He was with GOD in the beginning and through whom the Father wrought this creation), cannot be GOD the Supreme Almighty Being who is transcendent to all phenomenal creation due to His Purity which cannot bear to look upon iniquity…then there is an aspect of truth in this.

Similarly, if someone wishes to consider that the man Jesus the Christ and the Supreme Almighty Being GOD were One in perfect unity and perfect Purity when He walked the Earth 2,000 years ago, then there is also an aspect of truth in this. (Note: Christ is the Spiritual Agent of GOD Who works in Creation on behalf of GOD the Supreme Being].

Christ, out of His love and purity, laid aside His right to the Godhead, leaving behind any privileges which would have given him an advantage over men in the flesh, and He bound Himself so that, like a man, He was subject to all of the laws of creation in the same manner as a man in the flesh is bound to them. He knew very well what the weariness of the fleshly tabernacle felt like, and His perfect mind was also subject to the burdens that the minds of men are subject to, and He knew in a more powerful way than any other would ever know what it was like to have His unstoppable love rejected.

GOD, through Christ Jesus, in many aspects, created the reality for Himself to walk the Earth. Indeed, GOD has given Christ since before the foundation of the world but in Jesus the Christ, the human being, the love of GOD necessitated that He reveal Himself in the most appropriate way.

GOD is, after all, ineffable, inexpressible and indescribable - and yet, in Jesus the Christ we have the most accessible, expressed and described likeness of GOD available to us as a human being.

Jesus the Christ was "...the image of the invisible God" (Col. 1:15)

Jesus the Christ was "...the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of His nature" (Heb. 1:3)

In Jesus the Christ "...dwelt the fullness of the Godhead bodily" (Col. 2:9)

Jesus the Christ revealed God because "...God no one has ever seen. The only-begotten God (Christ), Who is in the bosom of the Father, He (Christ) unfolds Him (God)" (John 1:18)

In the face of Jesus the Christ was "...the light of the knowledge of the glory of God" (2 Cor. 4:6)

Tony Bisson

Also see "An Angel Messenger's Explanation Of God As Christ" for an expanded view on this subject.

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