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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Masonic Hall, Oswestry, under the auspices of the Ray of Light Christian Spiritualist Church, Easter Sunday, April 13th 1941

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"On this fair day there is joy all around. Joy, how can there be joy when there is turmoil all around; when there is so much suffering? Is it not possible, when trouble is knocking upon your door, through the love of Christ, to contact peace?

"Think of what would happen to this world if everything went with a merry song; if there were not poverty, no sickness, no loss. Sometimes you have this illustrated by those who have a materially easy time. They are not kind, they seem to live for themselves. But when they pass out of this stage of life, they find themselves as bankrupt, imprisoned by all that which they failed to do when so many gifts had been made their own.

"You are reminded also of some sweet souls who turn to you in trouble. Are not these among the burden-bearers? You know that whatever overtakes you on the road of life they will understand. They have been through the deep waters of trouble and yet have held their heads up and made contact with the Love of Christ.

"Surely, at this season of the year, we think of the greatest Burden-Bearer of all, the Holy Master; Who gave out unlimited love and received from the majority venomous hate in return. We also think of the disciples and how they struggled with their temptations; how they hoped they were going to be strong, but found at times they were weak. Yet as the years went on and persecution became fierce, is it not true, that they showed a courage which amazed even themselves, and many had to face a fearful death.

"The stories of the saints and martyrs are familiar. Some of you may marvel that when the flames licked around their bodies they were able to turn to God and to praise His Name. You are reminded that such as these were men and women just like yourselves.

"You all hate the thought of slavery; of being under the heel of the authority of those whom you fear and despise. You think that it would be far better to die than to endure what some of the smaller nations are enduring now. So far as the physical is concerned, certainly death comes as the sweetest friend to such as these.

"You all want liberty - you all want to be able to 'call your soul your own'. You are willing to obey the laws of the land which ensure mutual protection. But the moment there comes anything in the nature of tyranny, the spirit within you rises in revolt - you exclaim: 'No! We are willing to do what is right; but that is wrong!' In so far as you are inspired with the desire to do right, indeed you are on the road to spiritual emancipation; the spirit is fighting for its freedom, and until many resurrections have taken place the soul-body is still in bondage.

"Always remember that you are body, spirit and soul. The Divine within you - the Christ - may be submerged by the abuse of free-will, but it cannot be killed, and it cannot be soiled in itself, only, as it were, covered by tainted garments.

"Never forget, that you have had many lives in other worlds in the past, but only one life upon the earth. Yet you can come back as spirits to continue your experiences and learn how to further help your brethren.

"So you see that it is no use to consider the physical life and exclude the past and the future. You were created in the Divine Image, but you did not have experience, and if during the acquirement of experience you fell from the beauty of the Divine Image, surely the promise holds good that in time to come, once again you will bear likeness to God Himself.

"The thoughtful ask how this can be done - we are all clay and full of faults and we know so little. That is true. The humble men and women of old who tried to understand Christ, felt so incompetent. Again and again it seemed to them that they were such poor builders. There was the Master Builder in front of them and they could not imitate Him except in trying to give out love.

"But they changed. Think back on the simile - if you had had an easy life, with all the things that the physical mind wants, what kind of character would you have now? You can see when deterioration sets in in those that you know. Perhaps in the past they tried to do their best for God's work, but in their weak moments they fell, and if they attempted to pull themselves up, they fell again.

"When you have contact with these people, you realise that they have changed. The body may look the same but the real self within seems hooded, the dark mask of self has been thrown over the radiance of the struggling soul who was used by God to do His work. But, in time, they will be used again; for out of sorrow and the pain of retribution, the soul finds its resurrection.

"Many of you have had hard lives. Would Christ say that He was sorry that this is so? No. You have a strong spirit within; your real self is willing to buy resurrection; it desires freedom from material things, and the only way is to take the way of the road that the Master Himself trod.

"Do you remember those dark days when you were in your own Gethsemane? Perhaps you had lost a loved one, and life - so it seemed to you - would never be the same again. You looked at the bright sunshine and at the Spring flowers, but within was only pain. Someone was gone who meant Spring and sunshine for you, and in your profound grief it seemed that it would always be Winter, and never would Summer come.

"But God is so good. The healers drew close, the wounds were closed, and you found, by prayer, that courage arose once more. You know that you were not the only one, and when you saw another - broken-hearted through the same trouble - you hurried to that one, offering them comfort, raising them from their knees, and bringing something of a resurrection.

"There is so much within the earth life that is hidden from the majority. Many people say that they would give anything for the wars to stop. Some would barter their very souls; others their lives that they might stem some of the suffering which war brings upon nations.

"Always remember, that the outward war you see is but the spray of the ocean of that terrible warfare going on in the Unseen between forces of light and the forces of darkness. You must suffer from war, whether nations are at war or not.

"Can you not understand that the time comes when the warrior-spirit must be released in man, when the individual has come to the end of leaving the burden for others to carry? You cannot purchase happiness by destroying the happiness of another. What seems as happiness is revealed then as some awful disease. If you, as a nation, had held your hand and allowed other nations to be crucified, you would have been destroyed utterly yourselves, and what is worse, your souls would have been in bondage for generations to come.

"Jesus said: Feed my lambs, feed my sheep; not that man should pass by on the other side and allow the suffering of others to go on, happy in the thought that he was free from it.

"In the measure that the warriors do their duty at this stage, there is light and freedom and joy for them in the Realms of Spirit. Those who are taking the easy path now while others suffer, who are hoarding the food of the land, who are regardless of the orphans and widows, nothing but sorrow awaits them when this short life is over. For God is not mocked and what man sows he must reap.

"There are many who acclaim that it is wrong to draw the sword upon another. But they forget the many times that by their thoughts and by their speech how they have stabbed to the very heart the One Who loves them best. Surely, these are among the whited sepulchres to whom the Master referred. The war-makers in the home are incurring a far greater responsibility than those who go forth, inspired by a sense of duty, and, through compassion for others, continue war in the field, in the air and upon the high seas.

"The time has passed when people should deceive themselves. Many bring misery upon their families and friends and eventually upon the world at large, by pandering to their baser selves and by falling into trivial temptations. The time has come when such as these will want the spiritual strength they cast asunder for selfish reasons, and in their hour of testing they will be shown not only as traitors to others but also as a traitor to the God within.

"Remember this - you are all mediums whether you recognise this fact or not; and mediumship is shown in the world today in a terrible form as well as in a glorious form, through the heart and mind of man.

"Who is it that influences those who tear away the homes of humble people? Surely an enemy of Christ! Who is it who inspires the ordinary people to forget self and to rush into a very vortex of danger to save another? Surely it is the angels of the Most High! What is it that is responsible for the marvellous heroism that is shown on either side in wrecked cities, where the defenceless are mowed down like a field of wheat? All these are signs to you that resurrection is coming to man; that the powers of evil shall be trampled underfoot; and that happy time can be brought nearer in the measure that the individual is willing to suffer and be strong; and there is not one who is not included in this, however old or young, however weak or strong, for you are all children of the Most High, His beloved, and He is descending upon you for the working out of the Divine Plan upon the earth.

"You may ask what you can do, tied to the home, knowing so little, with limited influence. That is only a question for the body. What of the Real Self within? There is not one in this world who can do better than you if you are willing to follow the pattern laid down by The Master - to serve your neighbour, to forgive your enemies, and to hold up the Cross of Jesus the Christ in the darkest night.

"It was prophesied that there would be many like frightened sheep, but that there would be shepherds - men and women, who by self-control would also be able to control the panic stricken. Has this not been proved again and again? A voice has rung out, the voice of authority, and the masses have responded, and through that many lives have been saved.

"In all warfare it is the same. Never forget that physical warfare is but one aspect of war. Shepherds are wanted, and those shepherds are found in many who live obscure lives, men and women who are not afraid of suffering, who do not shrink from poverty, who stem the word of complaint when things go against them. These are the shepherds - the ones being sought from the Higher Side of Life, because these souls are working for the resurrection of man, for the overthrowing of the darkness of ignorance, for preparing the conditions so that the Light that shone from Christ on Easter Morn may illumine the earth, and men and women may look up and realise that Calvary was worthwhile, for through Calvary is coming new life, new understanding, and the release of the Power of the Holy Spirit.

"You have your part to play, and your portion of the Divine Pattern must be worked in by you and you alone. How much have you done; how much are you prepared to do? Does it seem sometimes that the weariness is too great; that the times are so awkward that it is best to go with the swim? Never forget that those who go with the swim are swept over the precipice into the deep waters below. Too late, they strike out trying to reach the shore - too late! They are caught up in the swirl of selfishness; they have to learn their lessons by fear, by suffering, by experiencing the horrors of an awful death.

"But there are people all over the world who are trying to do their best. There are many sharing their last crust with one another. Thousands are starving and there is no one who can give them an explanation. Still, you can help them by your prayers, by your thoughts, and some of these fall asleep and dream of the happy days of long ago. Through the prayers and thoughts of others, this slight peace is made possible for them and kindly death is coming forward as a radiant angel, shutting behind them the dark door of the earth and all its misery; as welcomed guests they awaken to find that darkness and anguish are over for them for evermore. Through their Calvary the Resurrection has come.

"Through the suffering which abounds on both sides, if only it is rightly met, resurrection can come to you as well.

"Never forget that the end of this world will come to you and you know not when it will come. But does it matter, when you know that the end of this world means the beginning of a brighter, happier time, with a greater understanding and a wider opportunity?

"No one who has tried to do their best ever sees death. When the body is struck or illness takes its toll, there is no darkness and no wrench for them. As the physical strength wanes, so the strength of the soul-body is able to dominate, and Jesus promised that all who wish to do their best shall never see death. When the time comes to pass hence, hold on to this fact and prove for yourself that resurrection has come.

"Men and women have been tortured by the thought of all that which awaits them in the future. It seems to some that the days and the years go on, and all that you hoped to do falls from you. Even boys and girls have had to say goodbye to the dreams of yesterday and to that career which they were willing to work for.

"But does it matter? Perhaps the career that you chose was not the best one for you. May it not be that you have laid aside the lesser to take up the greater, something better by far, something that will make all the difference in the sweet life that is to come? Then you will look back with no sadness, whereas if you could have had your worldly way, if you had been a material success, maybe in the life to come it would be all regret over spiritual opportunities wasted - you had left no mark on time, except something you wish you could erase.

"There are many like this, but things have not gone wrong for you and they can never go wrong for you if you do your part and try to do your duty. The only thing that can go wrong with the children of God is through the abuse of free will. God's way is the sweetest way of all. You suffer a little now for the freedom, for the capacity to rise above suffering, for gaining the power to go back to others who are broken-hearted, to show them that there is something stronger than fear - and that is faith; something more potent than loss - and that is spiritual gain; something well worth fighting for - and that is the knowledge of the Love of God and the peace that it brings.

"This is the time of resurrection. In the degree that you can sacrifice - then indeed it shall be Easter for you. Never forget that, however many mistakes may have been made, there is always time to repent, but the longer the repentance is delayed, the greater the difficulties and the higher the obstacles between you and the awakening.

"The children, the old, the sad and the sick, are near to the Kingdom - do they not represent the sheep and the lambs that The Master told us to feed? As you seek to feed these from your own experiences, giving out comfort from your own knowledge of suffering, then not only do you lighten their burden but you find that your burden falls from you.

"This is the key to the door of happiness. You cannot sorrow for yourself when you have stemmed the sorrow of another. The great law of service works on faithfully for everyone. Those even in their deepest sufferings can link up with Jesus the Christ and face the fiercest test unafraid, knowing that they shall never see death, but glorious life and a love that shall close every wound in heart and mind and body.

"There are those who criticise, but one day they will be seekers and they will seek until they find, and in that next stage the consciousness of opportunity utilised or opportunity thrown away will come to them. But God, in His great mercy, will send to them the teachers and the leaders, and they shall find after the transition, their resurrection in very truth.

"The workers are blessed and in the measure that they have striven so Divine protection is around them. The message to everyone is that if only they will take Christ at His word, if only they will trust Him, they shall find that what has been uttered by the Sacred One is true: 'He that believeth on Me shall never see death': but immortal life shall be opened to them for evermore.

"At this Easter-tide pray that in very truth the Garden of Gethsemane and Calvary shall be forgotten and that you will look forward with hope, with an ever-growing faith; so that when the River of Life is crossed, you shall find marked upon you the sign of honour that shows that you were shepherds, and that the sheep hearkened to your voice.

"Peace be with you all, beloved children of Christ, pilgrims on the long way home to God. The Master has stated that where two or three are gathered together He will be there. So remember to thank Him and make your vows anew to be His faithful servants now and for all time.

"Trust in God the Father and in the Holy Christ."

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