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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Tivoli Theatre, Boulevard, Weston-Super-Mare,
under the auspices of Wadham Street Christian Spiritualist Church, on Sunday, October 9th 1932.

"It is good for a while to allow your thoughts to flow away from the earth and its many sorrows and anxieties, and try to draw nearer to peace and joy, and to draw around you the power of the Holy Spirit, for humanity needs the power of the Holy Spirit to help them through the dark road of physical experience.

"Try to extricate yourselves from the theories passed on by man from one generation to another, from the conglomeration of learning contained within the written word. Go back in time to when Jesus passed amongst men, when thousands gathered to hear Him speak His words of sacred wisdom. Can you build a picture of what that would have been like?

"Here was a man and around Him were greybeards who had had much experience of the learning of their time - the astrologers, those who had penetrated into the inner mysteries of the religion which they followed. They heard of this young Prophet and they came from many lands to listen to Him. They wanted to know if He had anything new, anything fresh to reveal. Many said that this Man taught a new doctrine, a new religion; yet, Jesus always stated that He had not come to destroy the law and the prophets, but He had come to fulfil them, to bring light where darkness still reigned.

"Have the patience to inwardly listen to the words, to the truth that He is so anxious that you should possess. 'A Sower went forth to Sow'. Your mind probably goes back to the parable in the Bible - yet it is a story that requires amplification in which you will find a deeper truth.

"Go back in time - long before this planet came into use for the purpose and the plan - and remember your creation. Man was created in the Image of the Divine and gifted with His Divine gifts, in miniature. He was gifted with privileges, with opportunities suitable for the sons and daughters of the King of kings.

"When you were created, you were a sower who went forth to sow; you were given the good grain by God. Yet God also gave you that which made it possible for you to scatter the bad seed as well - for He gave you the gift of free will. If man chose to abuse his gifts, he could transgress against the law of God.

"Created in the Divine Image - but without personal experience - you were as a sower who went forth to sow; and over a long period of time so you, a living soul, passed through many stages of existence. You had many lives in many worlds, planets and conditions. As you undertook the long journey of experience you passed through many 'lives', you died to one state and you were born again to another; and during those periods of training you sowed your seed - the seed of experience - and the harvest was sure. But what did the harvest represent?

"There have been wise men in every generation who come up with that which they think of as something new. Scientists continually alter their borders - the physical and material facts of earthly life are found anew for every generation, from the 'missing link' to the creation of the world, there is always something new to find whether you are a famous scientist or the 'ordinary' man in the street.

"Many forgot to pray their way into revelation of the truth that lasts for ever. So it was that man was taken back into the state of the beast; many lost their faith, lost their courage; many forgot to strive - for it seemed to them that, having the beast within, it was impossible to become an angel as promised by God.

"Your origin was not animal; your origin was God; you are Divine; there is within you an imperishable soul. During the journey of experience, because man forgot to always sow the good seed, he fell from his high estate, and the harvest had to be reaped.

"Because of this there are, in some planes, children of God who have lost their resemblance to divine beings; indeed that have fallen so far that they bear the image of the beast and lower than that; they bear the image of their past, the record is written for all to see on the body which they inhabit; they must take their way in sorrow until, by the suffering entailed, they can cast off the bondage of self. They too are Divine, yet they seem as horrible beings; they too have within them that which is God - the Crucified Christ - but much time must elapse before they can extricate themselves from the follies of the past.

"However, your thoughts are being led towards peace and joy. You may sow the good seed but at times feel that you have failed - or failed in part. Some too, have sowed the good seed with the bad seed - and the harvest must be reaped by them either upon the earth or in time to come.

"Think of your beloved ones who have passed out of the earthly stage - what has happened to them? They have passed through just one more stage than you. But you know that the time will come when you too will pass from this earthly stage, and you will find that these words are true. The earth life is but one short stage of experience, and there are myriads which lie in front; but in each stage the sower sows the seed which must be reaped in time to come.

"What of those artists who possess psychic gifts? They are not all the same - although they were meant to produce the same result by God. There are great musicians, artists, sculptors - those who have set into the physical conditions something which denotes the creative power that lies within.

"What was music meant to represent? It is like a door between man on earth and man in the realms of the Spirit. Music, with its thousand tones, has never been understood by man; so many desecrate the gift and so many put it to the wrong use.

"Listen and learn: There is a tiny fragment of truth concerning that which you recognise as music. Music of the instrument is good in the sight of God when it purifies the heart and the mind. But the music of the instrument - when it degrades, when it arouses the baser emotions, when it fills the heart and mind with selfishness - that is indeed against the law of God.

"Consider this: The flower that you hold in your hand has its own note of music in God’s Land. The stones in the road as well as the waving trees, the blades of grass, the mountains and the hills, the rivers and the great seas - everything created by God has its own sweet note of harmony or disharmony.

"You - whether you recognise the fact or not - are constantly tuning into the planes of the Spirit, or you are tuning into those planes which represent dimness or even darkness. Each individual soul has its own individual note, each soul is continually sending out into the conditions of the Spirit that which represents either harmony or discord - that is something of harmony or something which is not in accord with the harmony of God.

"Bear this in mind when you think of music and as you travel around the country or farther afield, say to yourself: Each leaf and tree has its own separate note of music, and that in miniature represents the harmony of the spheres. Then the thought comes to those with questioning minds as to how little harmony there is on the earth, discord is all around, there is anxiety in its many forms, and there is torture of the physical body and chaos in commercial centres - where is the harmony that you should have?

"Are you able to grasp the harmony which was created by the Man of Sorrows, the One who as acquainted with grief, by His Selflessness, by his overwhelming love? Music beyond the comprehension - even of the angels of God to understand - was given forth from Jesus the Christ. The strains and the power and the glory of His harmony still persist upon the earth today.

"To you who grieve, who have lost your well-beloved, be of good cheer. If you have tried to have faith when despair was so close, you have created a form of Spirit Power which in truth has within its fold music impossible to describe in the language of the earth.

"Those who have watched their sons and daughters grow up, and then, to their sorrow, have seen them taking a path they wished that they had not followed - the broken ambitions, the weariness of heart, looking back on all the money that had been spent on the guidance and safeguarding - yet to come to this. You sowed the good seed and you wonder why you are reaping the poor harvest. When the explanation is given the burden is lightened - indeed it is cast aside. The true parent who has a faithless child represents a strong soul, one who, out of love of God, has taken upon himself the care of a child soul - because no progress can be made if two strong souls or two weak souls were linked together.

"In every community there are weak links and there are strong links. The weak links, by borrowing the strength from those who are older in experience, shall harden their own links, and the time will come when the chain of service shall be unbroken for ever.

"This is comfort for those who have drunk the cup of deep sorrow. You have tried to do your best throughout your life and yet face material catastrophe. You worked hard, did your duty, tried to safeguard the children and provide for their comfort and ease; now it seems that in old age you are no longer required; there is no work for me to do. Has God forgotten you? No.

"Oh, aching hearts, the wonderings of the physical mind, the struggling to hold on to faith, yet feeling that faith is fast slipping away. Those who are growing old, who are perhaps afraid of the future, have forgotten one important point: They are sowers of the good seed; but the earth life is so short that the seeds, being of such fine character, are scarcely suitable to make a showing in the crude earth conditions; but the harvest is sure, the harvest is glorious in the life to come. Do not be afraid of the discipline of daily life.

"If those whom you love and have lost were to take away the pains from you, then they would be acting as enemies instead of loved ones, who deeply care for your progress. You are a living soul, created by God in the far past, and those stages of experience which you are going through are so precious that the soul within clutches at its burden, knowing that the burden of today is the treasure of tomorrow.

" 'The Sower went forth to sow'. Men and women who have an easy life, who live a selfish life, are also sowers who went forth to sow the good seed; but they have chosen to sow the seed which will bring them a terrible harvest in time to come. When the earth life is over and the physical body lies still in death, what a terrible thing it would be to awaken in the next stage of being and find yourself less of a person, to find that the body you wear bears signs of bestiality, of that which you loathe in another.

"Yet this happens again and again. There are men and women, pleasant to look upon while the physical body remains; perhaps they are envied by others; but because they forsook the law of God, when the earth life is over they awaken and find to their inexpressible horror that the beautiful body which they prized so much is gone, and they bear likeness to something worse than any animal upon the earth plane.

"These things are true, and there are those with clear vision who have witnessed these forms as they come back into the earth conditions, seeking redemption from you and others in a body of flesh - for they who have strayed must be found.

"The sower must be taught to sow the good seed. The base singer, the foul musician, the one who has put detrimental thoughts into the minds of the young by his portrayals upon the canvas, he must be taught to rise to better things, for the creative power within had been desecrated by himself. His inspiration is not the inspiration of the Spirit, but during the sleep state, by desire, he goes into the dark planes contacting with the filth that is there, and so he is 'inspired' by those still more bound than himself, and others suffer as a consequence. Indeed, the bad seed sown in the hearts and minds of the young brings forth a harvest which must be reaped in time to come.

"A plea goes out for the rising generation; that plea is so important for those who are yet to be born into the earth life. Seek to purify the conditions into which they must come; for if you do not, not only you and those responsible must reap in sorrow, but the greatest pains endured by you will be watching the young, encased in the earth body, picking up the vibrations that you have left behind upon the earth because you forgot the law of life and the law of love.

"There are glorious beings gathered around seeking to help, to relieve; and there is not one soul who has tried who cannot be linked to the angels of the Most High; there is no one who has endeavoured to safeguard those of any age who is not safeguarded in turn by those who have the true power, the true grace, and the true spirit of service.

"Raise your thoughts to the harvest time of joy and peace. Raise your heart and mind to the One who loves you best. Let your thoughts go back to the suffering Christ and realise that His Love for you should be strong enough to keep your feet upon the path of duty, to keep joy in your heart because of the security that comes from Him. Indeed it should have the power to shut the door on doubt and to banish anxiety from your mind.

"However, you might think that you have to live life on the earth with lots of people dependent upon you - woe is me! Yes, you must live, and it is the true life that you are here to release, for the life within is the only life that lasts for evermore. By the sorrows of today you can be certain that the life to come will represent life in a greater sense in every way there could be; through your woes you will awaken to find within your grasp the essential tools for progression; you will find the creative powers within you released in a way you did not think could be possible.

"There are many who would like to be artists or musicians with a desire to create beauty upon the earth and to provide inspired harmony in its musical form. If it is not possible for your hands to rest upon the instrument throughout your earthly life, you shall create a music which surpasses your highest expectations in the time to come. One good thought - and a light penetrates through the darkened spheres. A ray of light holds a thousand things within itself; it holds beauty in myriad forms, and because the ray of light is of the Holy Spirit, it cannot die - its journey is never ending.

"You are a sower who has been sent forth to sow because of your troubles, and the good seed flows out from you and is nourished by the Creator of All Life. The good seed shall show a glorious harvest. But do not forget this: There is no man upon the earth who can tell you how the life comes within the tiny seed, for that is of God. But you, without knowing this, without having within you the earthly comprehension of the power either to sow the seed or to find the seed, you are a sower equipped with the seed of everlasting life, gifted to you by God when you were sent out on the long journey of experience; and because you are of Him, so the good seed shall never be exhausted, and the harvest shall last for evermore.

"If only it were possible to tear asunder the bondage which holds the physical mind so that you were able to see the fragments of truth which would enable you to place the earth knowledge where it rightly belongs - in the earth itself, and to release within you the desire to penetrate into the realms of God and to cull the wisdom that is His.

"But the time is coming when the power of the Holy Spirit will be demonstrated upon the earth in so definite a form that even those who blaspheme against the Holy Name shall be convinced. This will only be possible because, over the past and the present, there have been sowers who have sown the good seed. The power given out upon the earth shall contact with the power that is of God Himself and miracles will take place.

"As you strive so shall you receive a blessing. There is a test in front but the test shall actually be found to be a treasure - the test is endurance. But it shall be met and overcome by the Grace of God. The weariness shall depart and the rest that is of Him shall take its place - the rest that is doing, the rest that is controlling the physical by the spiritual, the rest that is service for humanity, for the children of the Most High.

"The future for you shall bear witness to the truth. The sower went forth to sow, and over the years, although age crept on, still the sower sowed good seed. The harvest is indeed plentiful and the harvest is glorious to behold.

"The workers are blest with the will to go on.

"To those with enquiring minds, remember that those whom you love who have passed out of the body are reaping what they have sown. If they sowed the good seed, then you can be certain that they are back upon the earth giving you their strength. Know that you too must die to the earth conditions in order to be born again into the next stage of life. May you find that the next stage will be the golden harvest of a life well spent, of a life blessed by sacrifice and effort. May the Master say to you: 'Well done'.

"There is an explanation for everything that happens upon the earth. The scales of justice do not waver, and the law of compensation as well as that of retribution is worked out. Remember the words 'Peace' and 'Promise'. Be of good cheer, sorrowing one, you are the good sower who is sowing the seed, and not only shall you benefit in time to come but you shall have the inexpressible joy of seeing that future generations are benefitting as well.

"Thank the Master of All-Life for His Grace and His Love. We thank God again and again for the presence of the One who loves us best.

"May the Cross of the Christ remain before your eyes as you take your daily way."

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