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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes at the Oxford Christian Spiritualist Church, Reform Club, New Inn Hall Street, Oxford, on Sunday, 31st July 1949

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"When you make an appointment with the Spirit I want you to remember that, above all things, it should be kept. It builds up a plinth of power, and that means that no force of evil can destroy that which has been blessed by God, through the effort and the suffering it represents.

"When the work of speaking to the children of God upon the earth about things which concern them so vitally, it continues in another world where it would seem to you that a far more difficult task has to be taken up. Yet, as the difficulties arise, the strength shall come, and the past and all that it has held of suffering and sorrow shall be justified.

"Today you hear much about: 'The Rights of Man and Predestination'. Some of you are impressed and others of you are dismayed. To those who are thoughtful it seems that the rights of man on a purely material basis holds the attention of the masses. The old standards of conduct, the old respect for religion, has been laid aside, and man - almost drunk with the power that he now possesses - seems to feel that he can carve out his own destiny and ignore the Laws of God.

"Think about this point because you all have rights. If those who have been misled would study the matter, they would find that the rights they are claiming are very poor specimens of the rights to which they are entitled as a son of God.

"Material thought, tarnished by material things, can present what may be a fact in an entirely distorted form. Here on earth today you have a measure of truth, and in the degree that you seek for truth, so your consciousness expands and you can claim that a wider degree of truth is within your own province.

"But truth has many moulds. There are the mentalists who claim that they have the truth concerning life. They have studied the science of their day and probed into earthly things to find the answer to spiritual secrets. Because no answer was possible through the method they adopted, they discard the possibility of a solution to those Divine mysteries which must be unravelled by every seeking soul.

"You possess five senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. You regard them as part of your physical equipment, and you do not pay any attention to them until one or the other of those faculties fails you.

"Have you ever considered how those faculties will operate when the physical body is no more? Remember, that the body you now wear is one of countless coverings of the soul and the soul houses the Divine spirit within.

"When in another state in another world you will have faculties which you now regard as the five senses. However, they will be changed in guise and be represented in another mould. You will use those faculties on a different plane of evolution - if you have done your best while on the earth to follow the path laid down by the Master Christ.

"Many times you have had sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell explained to you - the capacity to contact with the fragrance of flowers - or to safeguard health. These faculties in their present guise will be changed and changed again; changed perhaps a million times until at last they become part of your perceptive qualities which again are part of the Divinity housed within.

"These things may bewilder you. But there are things which need to be understood by you even in little measure while you are upon the earth. Otherwise time will be wasted when you pass into the greater Life and you see that others understand what still bewilders you.

"You may realise that in regard to the five senses, there comes in also the rights of man. What is man entitled to see with his physical organs? There may be serious limitations. Some are blind, some are deaf, and some are dumb. But man still has his rights, and if through the misdeeds of those in past generations the bodies to be inherited today have been disrupted by the past, then you can understand that God will adjust the rights of man. In the next stage of being, there will be not only compensation in full, but such as these will have a wider range of sight and hearing and speech and sensitiveness than could be imagined by you while in the body.

"There are millions of people who are bound by the idea passed on by previous generations that whatever they do their fate is inevitable. Many are influenced by this thought. It may seem your fate to have all the misfortunes piled upon you, to have all the ills of the body or the disabilities of the mind.

"This is because a measure of truth has been presented in an entirely distorted form. There is a residue of truth in the fact that predestination is part of the Divine Plan. But what does predestination mean from a spiritual point of view? It means that you are predestined, not only to immortality, but to Perfection.

"You are children of the Most High, sons and daughters of the King of Kings, and you are predestined to be as princes and princesses of the Royal Household - to have Divine power, inherited from the Father and made your own by the experiences of the past; so you can co-operate with God in not only the ruling of life but in the creation of countless forms of life.

"You see what an entirely different point of view is presented by the real aspect of predestination? No sorrow, no loss, no suffering can be connected with predestination as instituted by God.

"This again comes to man's rights. You have found that there are countless people who frame their own fate on such lines that they seem to be useless to the community and a menace to the health and safety of those around.

"What has happened? It is simply that free-will has been abused - that wonderful gift given by God at your creation, and never taken away throughout all time to be.

"Why is it that there are such dreadful criminals - men and women who torture children; some young people who never seem happy unless they are tormenting an animal too weak to resist? It is a grave thought and it is something that should be dealt with by the so-called reformers; by statesmen and by those who have the authority of the different lands where these things take place.

"There is a lot of ignorant talk about inherited instinct. Yet it has been proved again and again that environment, good example and the lament of love have poured blessing on many a child rightly brought up. Being rightly brought up does not mean having every desire pandered to or that naughtiness, which later leads to evil-doing, should be overlooked. Far from that. Upon the parents rests the greatest responsibility to guide the little feet into the way of peace, into the true Fold, and if the child resents it when he is young, then when he is older he will understand better; when he is in the World of the Spirit he will thank God for those parents who would not be swayed by his cries of protest.

"Now perhaps you can see that the question of the rights of man goes very deep indeed. It has its good side, its creative side, but once you cross the barrier between use and abuse there is bound to be trouble. This applies to nations and individuals, and there is much to be worked out by those who have allowed themselves to be led astray by the raucous talk of the leaders of the masses.

"Your rights are manifold. They are allowed by God to be exercised for good or for ill. You can turn from the path of duty, you can betray a friend, you can throw up spiritual work after making your vows to be faithful to the end - and God does not interfere.

"There are thousands of people who have no time to think of material rights because their attention is focused on the task at hand - the care of the home, looking after children, ministering to the sick - and many more important jobs that need to be carried out.

"Yet, their spiritual rights are being developed on such amazing lines that when they are free from the flesh it will seem to them that a miracle has been worked by God upon their lot.

"But God co-operates - God does not interfere. God waits and waits for signs of spirituality in His children, and sometimes this means that He has to wait for many lives in many worlds before the bondage is seen by the individual as bondage, and a fight is made to secure something of freedom, which leads on to emancipation.

"As regards your life, you may have had much to contend with. You may have struggled with the weakness of the body and against the adversities of the world. You may think that you have had a rough deal thinking that you have suffered out of all proportion to those who stand on the side-line in comparison with the few mistakes that you have made.

"Such as these are arbiters of their own fate; in the sense that the strong spirit in the weak body has chosen to take a short steep path up the mountain-side of achievement, instead of wandering round and round and taking many generations, as you regard time, to reach the goal to which God has called everyone.

"Can you understand that the rights of the brave are being exercised as God meant - they claim the right to suffer, to go without in order to gain experience in the only way that experience can be gained, and that is by going through the adversities associated with the earth.

"Sweet are the uses of adversity. Can you see how true this is? Does it not pour on your changing hearts and wondering minds something of a balm to soothe and uplift? Why should it do this? Because once you can really understand the purpose and the plan of sorrow, then you are able to exercise, in little measure, some of your rights as a child of the Most High, and to know for certain that because the road is so stony, because there is so much to contend with, spiritual power is building, and that power shall show you in time to come as fit for leadership. For having gone through those vicissitudes, you are in a right frame of mind and have the necessary experience to minister to those who are suffering in like measure.

"When you hear of loose talk about human fate, explain to the physical mind of those who know so little, try to turn the shield from the dark side to the light and to show the glory of that spiritual protection which the shield was meant to represent. It seems to some that the shield is a target for all the arrows of misfortune; but turn the shield and you will find that no arrow has been strong enough to go through and mar the beauty on the other side; and the other side is against you, protecting the soul and building up the soul body so that it may be strong and beautiful and of the highest utility in the Life to come.

"There is so much to learn. You who are willing to listen and to think about the few truths that you do know, are able to pass on to others in the short time you have, the inspiration you receive. That is one of your rights.

"As you think of those five senses, which for the most part you take as a matter of course, try, in your mind, to follow the trend of evolution concerning those gifts of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. How will these faculties operate when the physical body is no more and you are in a finer, more sensitive body, using not a physical mind but the mind prepared by the effort you gave out when upon the earth? What things will you be able to sense, and what forms of life will you be able to contact? Remember always that those five senses are only a crude illustration of the many faculties you possess which will be enhanced in an enhanced form in the sweet by and by.

"When you love beauty, you are willing to undertake much effort to produce beauty. If you respond to music, some of you may wish that you had the gift of music. Wait a while. As you look upon the beauties of Nature, you may long for the talent to transfer those beauties to canvas. Wait a while. Be patient and be thankful that you are not amongst those who abuse their talents, the painter, the songster, the musician, who employ their art to drag down the human nature and to influence the young to take a path which inevitably must lead to suffering and retribution in the end. Far better that you are not a music-maker than that your talents should be used to rouse the passions in those who are yet untutored by the experiences of life; far better that you should not be able to pencil or paint to portray that which you see upon the canvas than to be like those who use their talents entirely for the purpose of desecration.

"Again you come back to man's rights. Man is exercising his right to use his talents as he will; but many forget that that which man sows he must reap. He forgets the law of consequences; he forgets that in the Life to come he will have to grapple with the bad influence he may have had on many lives, even those who are strangers to him.

"Think of God's side. How about those cleaving to the road of duty, undertaking uncongenial toil because they have dependants, fighting against fatigue, trying to cope when sorrow seems all around, trying to comfort when despair is touching the life of another? What of those? These are the ones who shall be found with all their talents released. Their voice shall bring peace to the prisoners who are in despair; their music, coming from the purity that is within, shall charm even those who were their enemies in the past, and they shall transmit, not upon the canvas, but upon the soul bodies of others the beauty which is lacking because such as these abused their rights when the physical life and its many opportunities were in their hands.

"Think on these things. Read over and over the words that are written, so that something of clarity will be brought to your mind, and then ask yourself: 'How am I using my rights and what is my future?' Answer with gladness that you wish to be pure and perfect, to be numbered amongst the saints and perhaps the martyrs too, to be holders of the power, to be teachers, and to experience the joy of walking with angels and of working with those who are trained servants of the Master Christ.

"As the message spreads around the globe it is hoped that one here, one there, may understand sufficiently to rise and extricate themselves from the things which hold and go their way, if not rejoicing, then with peace in their heart and mind, for they know that the road leads to Eternal Day. The darkness of the earth will soon be over for them, and in the glory of the surmising they will see and understand, not only in part, but as God wills; and it is their privilege to exercise their rights, having won them from the dross which once held them in the past.

"You are blessed in the Name of the Radiant Christ. Among you daily come many, giving healing, balm for the mind and courage for the soul.

"Child of the Light, let the Light shine in and banish the sadness of yesterday and ensure for tomorrow the gladness which is your privilege and your gift from the Father Himself, for you are His best beloved and He waits to shower upon you all the good gifts which are His own.

"God bless you and may your heart and mind be tuned to Him. The workers have fought through much, and they will know by reading between the lines this message is for them. This has been ordained by the Master Christ who companions man and always seeks to guide and to protect.

"Peace be with you all."

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