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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, SQ12 on 19th June, 1926

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"O Christ, the Beloved of mankind, we come to Thee tonight with childlike hearts and we ask Thee to unveil that portion of Truth which it is Thy Will that Thy children should make their own possession. Grant that as each one listens so also the release of the Spirit within may take place, grant that the consciousness may come that this little earth life is but a preparation for the Life which is real, for the Life which is everlasting, and that the day's trials and testings are not as blows but even as steps into understanding.

"O God, cleanse our hearts and minds so that faith may dwell therein, untroubled by all those many thoughts which are cast upon it by the world. Grant that faith may so establish itself in our lives that we can lay yesterday, today and tomorrow at Thy feet, certain, positive that what is, is best, and more than that, is Love Itself.

"Christ, Thou knowest how hard it is to reach this high level, yet because the desire is there Thou will help, and Thou will make it possible that the glorious Light which shines from Thee may blot out the past, may heal the present and illumine the future.

"In the spirit of service we commence this quiet time of communion and we ask Thee to bless us, to bless us in that way which each one can understand, the blessing which is consciousness of love and harmony all around. Oh Father, teach us as the children we are. Amen.

"…I have faith in each of you here and faith in all those who read my words, whether they believe or whether they are still inquirers.

"Have you ever considered what it means to be called a Christian; what it is to claim a name so associated with love, with suffering and which is so misunderstood? Have you ever considered that by attaching yourselves to Christ you are announcing to everyone that you are allied to the Light of the World, to the Redeemer of mankind?

"Do you ever ask yourselves: 'What have I undertaken when I call myself a Christian? What does this symbolise and what are the facts as illustrated in my own life?'

"Those of you who have been taught by me have realised the importance and absolute necessity of disentangling yourself from the menace of 'This is right and that is wrong'.

"The old idea that Christ can only be worshipped in one particular way is a misconception. Christ is the Saviour of mankind and whether sections of humanity believe in Him or not it does not alter the fact that Christ is the Redeemer of mankind. God is the Father of ALL. The Father-Spirit is the Family-Spirit and the Family-Spirit is the Christ-Spirit.

"Remembering how great an honour has been laid upon you, so that you not only call yourselves Christians but that you try to follow what Christ taught, you have not only been called, but you have been chosen to do a portion of the great work which has been reserved for you. It has been held in trust for you over the long ages which have passed.

"In calling ourselves Christians, we have two sides. The one reflects the sadness, but the other the radiant love. Even as we glance at that which pains us so the joy covers the sadness and all is as God intends.

"Taking the world as a whole - looking at the peoples with all their opportunities, their disadvantages, their disabilities - they seem so bound by the physical side of life. We see one stage. But God sees the completion of the journey. He sees the victory over weakness and strength established forever.

"However many barriers are created between peoples and individuals, at some point in life - whether on the physical side or in the Spirit Realm - the barriers will have to come down.

"What does the word 'religion' mean, what does it imply? Remove yourselves from words which over the years - by their usage, by their influence of thought and action - have almost entirely lost their true meaning. In the utterances of the Saviour chronicled by the faithful of old, you have the religion which should satisfy man as a whole.

"How strange it will seem to many when they pass hence, to see working together in harmony and perfect understanding those who held different beliefs, who, seemingly, followed different pathways.

"Think of Christ. Think of His patience. Think how He reasoned with those whose one thought was to entrap Him! Think of His silence when so much could have been said in condemnation! This example is before us all. We need no other.

"By trying to understand humanity as a whole you are called by the Great Father to join hands with one another, whatever the belief, whatever the faith. 'Love one another'. That is the Christ instruction and from that there is no escape.

"Those who have passed out of physical life have returned to tell you from their hearts how they came from different roads to meet at the Saviour's feet. Because you have laid aside those chains of the mind, you are able to provide a channel through which God can demonstrate that glorious family life which is everywhere in the Realms of the Spirit. Then it is taken by the lovers of Christ into the conditions where it is most needed.

"When you are free you will see what has been wrought by this laying aside of your instinctive reservations in regard to all that which comes under the name of Religion, whether Eastern or Western in its misconceptions.

"How can I best follow Christ? How can I acquire His tools? How can I obtain a measure of His love? Without these things how can I follow Christ in the real sense of the word?

"Throughout the day and night you are gathering to yourselves that which is necessary, that which is essential, not only to call yourselves Christians but to demonstrate in a practical way the Christ Spirit within. By being compassionate, being thoughtful and generally giving service to others, you are using those same tools which Christ used when He walked amongst us.

"As you go on and emerge from the physical into the spiritual, setting yourselves free from the earth view and take up the Christ view, so the total consciousness will come as to the true meaning of what underlies the wonderful privilege of demonstrating the love of the Master to all those who are in need.

"We claim all mankind as brothers and sisters. Spread the message far and wide, whether in this realm or in countless realms beyond your imagination, whether on one planet or another. The One God! All bound together as a gift to all and finding expression in that word Father.

"Think of Christ. Forget all those other names, other edifices, forget everything which is of the earth and think of Christ. Christ is in the fields, Christ is in the dark and dreadful streets, Christ is in the palaces, Christ is in the hovels, Christ is in your work, Christ is in your play. Whether you are conscious of Him or not, the Shepherd seeks His flock and conditions have no meaning for Him.

"Do not approach the love of the Father with apprehension. Run to Him, hold on to Him asking Him to protect you inspite of your lesser selves. Joy will come after a night of suffering. Yet that memory of suffering places within your hands the gift to lighten the suffering of others.

"Even as we suffer because of our failures and through our misunderstanding, so Christ pours down upon us that love, that sympathetic comprehension of how it came about.

"Tears and smiles make up life. The tears and smiles are like the beautiful spring day which brings forth the life which literally feeds nature. So we lift our minds a little higher and realise that the storms of life and the joys of life revitalise that which is our true selves.

"With the thought of Christ uppermost in our minds we can thank Him with grateful hearts that He gives us so much. That out of His love He allows us to give a little in return.

"Christ in our midst. Christ in our hearts. Christ in our minds. Christ in our lives. We are bound to Him and admitted to that sweet companionship with the perfect Companion.

"In Christ's Name I bless you. Protected by His love, centred in His love, surrounded by those who find their joy in serving you in love, rest content. The blessing which is yours will not only be felt by you, but you will demonstrate it to others, for the Father has spoken it. Amen."

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